Saturday, October 25, 2008

Miss Red Day 2

These boys and girls, (notice the count of boys and girls has been updated. There is some chaos at times during the birth and someone did not look carefully.) This is Miss Red, sleeping stretching and doing a pretty good army crawl for being so young. Everyone is growing and mom is adjusting to her job. Cheeto always takes this very seriously. She watches over them, cleans them and lets me know when one is in a place she can't reach. I never tire of watching her care for them. For those new to this yes, that is a kiddie pool that they are in. They will be in it until they can climb out and then will be confined in a X-pen. Cheeto can climb in and out easily. Warmth is important now so that is a ceramic heat lamb in the picture.


Anonymous said...

How funny...who is the other boy? I am guessing one of the last two born since it was a little chaotic at that point.

and to all reading...the Firlits take their part in this very seriously too. They rejoice with each safe little pup and deeply mourn the one that was lost.

Kisses to Cheeto.

Madison and Andros said...

So cute!