Sunday, August 17, 2008

Three More O Puppies Enter Phase 3

It is with great excitement that we announce that Olga, Orrie and Ollie have now entered Phase 3. Thank you to the puppy raisers - Greg and Cindy (Orrie), Ellen, Stuart, Andrew and Rebecca (Olga), and my daughter Julie (Ollie). I know all the hard work you put into these pups. Thanks to the trainers you are our heroes.

Another bit of news - Cheeto is in season and will be at PAWS next week to hopefully meet the father of the next litter of her puppies.


PAWS Karson said...

Miss Cheeto, Congratulations on the success of your puppies. We puppy raisers appreciate your fabulous genetics as well as all the work you and your mommy do to help give these puppies a jump start on their futures.

I am looking forward to more updates and seeing your future puppies.

Aussie said...

Great Job & a great start to my 1/2 sibling's the O's. Also hope your new litter is growing in your belly. Mom is praying I do well at college and then she can get one of your sweet babies. we're keeping our fingers & paws crossed.