Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ollie Gets Ready for College

Ollie had his last few days with us here in Burr Ridge and then in Michigan before he made his way to PAWS. He will be missed by his mom as they shared the little bed in the kitchen often. We will miss this cuddly guy who never passed up a chance to be close. He is silly Mr. Blue from the O litter who would make his laps around the pool. He is all grown up now. Handsome and wise. Does it get any easier? No. I think we know what it will be like to let them go and we work at telling ourselves why we do this, but we are weepy and sensitive. Julie was asked at dog class last night where he was and that is hard. Even if you tell people he will be going they forget and then you explain again the process swallowing hard as they ask - How do you do this? You have to see the big picture and know what these dogs will be able to do and the difference they can make. I have to thank Naomi, Jim, Amy and so many others who remind me of what these dogs can do by letting us be a part of their lives. "Sometimes when you sacrifice something precious, you are not really loosing it, you are passing it on to someone else."

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