Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mr. Oz Returns to Paws

Ozzie, also known as Mr. White is returning to PAWS this week. I am sure other O Puppies will be finding their way back there shortly. Thank you all for the time you have spent on these dogs. Having given up a puppy before, I know how hard these last days are as you ready your dog for their next step. I have had the opportunity to visit with OZ often and have come to love his sweet personality and gentle grace. He is such a lover with his long legs and huge heart. Teresa and her family have done a fabulous job with him and I know he will be greatly missed. Good luck Mr. Oz. We hope to hear great things about you soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh it is quiet at home. No more gigantic head coming thru my morning newspaper. You go Oz! ~mom teresa

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