Monday, March 8, 2010


Fletcher is doing well! He is a natural at what he is doing, he is learning so quickly! I can take him out into public and he walks next to me just like his supposed to! He knows sit, is working on down, wait, come, leave it... All of that stuff. He is funny too. He loves life! He loves to work! When his cape comes out he comes right up to it! He loves going out, it doesn't matter if it is just for a walk or if it is to go out and work! We don't have accidents in the house, we haven't since about the first week we had him! He also sleeps through the night, like until we wake up in the morning. He loves his food, like any lab does! He is a great dog, I think he is going to make an amazing service dog one of these days! We are working on his toes though. At his last vet appoitment the vet noticed that he had toes that curled in. Aimee at PAWS told us to start working on them, like doggie physical therapy to correct this issue. Not only are his toes getting better but he is getting better at tummy time and being handled!

Also, just because I wanted to share it! Our first puppy, Cowboy is doing really well with his training... He has moved up to phase 3! I miss him and I still wish he were home with me, but I know he is doing great things and I am so proud of him!


Breedercheeto said...

Thanks for the post
Glad all is well
Marianne and Cheeto

Bill said...

Marianne, I tried to send you a note but your cheetobreeder email was not working. Do you have another email address that I could contact you at? You can contact me at I am Emmy's Dad from a few years back.

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